Hypnotize Anyone in Seven Seconds

We want to give you free access to the highlights of Speedtrance 2.0.  This is a free series of  four 5 minute training videos you can access right now.

Do you wish you could hypnotize anyone in just 7 seconds? Our method, called Speedtrance, is a technique used by master hypnotists around the world. This webpage will teach you how to hypnotize others, exactly the same way we have literally hypnotized thousands of people. It works, and you can do the same thing. Who will you hypnotize when you know how to use Speedtrance?


Do you want to see something amazing? And do it yourself?

Who would you hypnotize if you could hypnotize anyone is 7 seconds? Get instant access to four 5 minute videos teaching you the fundamentals of Speedtrance Instant Induction. These are the highlights from the full program! You will learn what words to use, what actions take and what safety precautions you need to know. These videos cover really important ideas in Speedtrance, including hand motions, hypnotic words, and ways to induce hypnotic trance both standing and sitting. They are an overview of some really powerful ideas, and this is your starting point!

Filmed in Las Vegas, These are all new videos!

There is no catch!  We will give you the 20 minute highlights of this program.

Just tell us where to send your instant access!


Here is what you get in the free highlight series:

  • Arm Pulls and Shock

    Learn why an arm pull is not really an arm pull and how to be safe when doing inductions.

  • Eye Movement Techniques

    These highlights teach you the inverted “T” which is a hallmark of success.

  • The Palm Induction

    The highlights even show you a creative variation of Speedtrance!

  • Standing Inductions

    Ever wonder how to hypnotize someone standing?  You will know how with these video highlights.

  • Classic John Cerbone

    Learn from a master.  Many imitators exist, but there is only one “Trance-Master” and he shares his techniques in these videos.

  • Dr. Richard Nongard

    Dr. Nongard has been the executive producer of these trainings since 2006. As a leader in hypnosis education, you can be assured they are top-notch products, teaching real skills.

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